RN (3rd oct / india)


Why are we afraid of death when life is nothing but recurring loop of death?

What is life other than dying all over again.
Like ocean waves keep hitting the shore.

Like holding few drops of water in our hand, we keep on trying to hold on to the brief peaceful moments between deaths.
But we can't hold them, it escapes through our fingers.
So, if you are afraid of death, you should die.

by tharindra galahena

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nice poem.elaborate and descriptive it makes nice reading.
such strong and gripping poem, I'll have to look at every face i see in the morning now and make sure i get this inspiration too. lol...thanks for sharing
Beautiful Poem..Brilliant Poetic lines...very well described.. loved it....
A wonderful poem! Loved your poetic description here. Enjoyed the read; D
Soooooooooooo exquisite info on face but with raised eyebrows… ‘Only isolation can let you relieve, ‘ O Dear Poet just add a Mona Lisa’s smile please… 10+. Ms. Nivedita UK
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