A Fact Of Life

I need to find a secret place,
Entirely drawn by closed space
And disinherit my presence
In this world until I have been convinced...

My truant spirit to return
To the daily education
Required of a mortal
To learn and overcome with completion...
What can I say,
What can I do?
That is life,
Manifested in a different way...!

©All Rights Reserved-2010

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (10)

a great write Romeo. Your one of the best dear friend
I like the last two sentences!
I really like the second part. Well-expressed
Nobody said life was going to be hard! ! ! - sometimes it feels like it wasnt worth being born in these times! ! I liked this a lot! ! ! keep 'em coming.
amazing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol! ! ! ! I just learnt some new facts of life nice poem dear Romeo -10 anjali (do read my latest MY TRUTH - YOUR LIES)
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