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A Fading Dream
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A Fading Dream

Poem By Valsa George

In my dream, I sailed away
Over the tame waters of a tranquil bay
And landed in a magic isle
Never set foot before by anyone alive

A pleasant retreat of birds and beasts
Far removed from world's dust and heat
A fantasy land with a magic spell
Hidden away at Nature's veiled breast

The sky was rent with songs of birds
The air, smelling of odors sweet
Here and there were exotic blooms
Bulrush, Blue bells and Lavenders fresh

I roamed frivolously from end to end
Of that enchanted land of idyllic charm
With twining creepers and silken grass
Speaking aloud of a perennial spring

My heart leaped in euphoric delight
My senses alerted in ecstatic thrill
My feet moved in an explorer's gait
After the treasures stashed in its caverns deep

I rambled relentlessly through untrodden paths
Feasting on the marvels, my eyes could catch
Arching trees framing a leafy roof
And fruits, ripe and raw, hanging from every bough

As Nature, thus unveiled her bounty before,
My fancy, unfettered took to wings.
I loved my sway over that fairy land
With treasures galore that none could claim

But how suddenly loomed an unwelcome thought
That dampened my spirits and stole my joy
"Will I ever be able to see my folks
To be enmeshed once more in a warm embrace"?

Longingly I looked for a ship skimming the sea
To carry me back to my native land
To get united with all my loved ones
To live a life ever, as lived before

Like a marooned sailor, desperate, as I cried
To alert the ship that sailed away
I heard distinct my husband's anxious query
" Darling, what made you scream so loud"? ? ?

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Comments (23)

Very interesting....what a dream that made you feel lost...! ! ..to be honest I like this dream of yours though it woke you up to cry in the middle of of your sleep....because of this dream only you have given us such a wonderful poem...as always your style of describing things is superb...a poem of great excellence.
A highly imaginative poem on dream and nature has been astutely and incisively painted. I appreciate the way of presentation. Thanks a lot.
(A Fading Dream by Valsa George.) **Sometimes it's good to get away; especially to such an utopia as is described in your poem. But nothing seems to rival that unique familiarity of family love and friendship. Thank you.
To my native land. Nice piece of work.
Beautiful poem dense with meaning.It remind me an italian film I saw when I was young. After 2 years away from my family I decided to go back home.Thank you fom the emotion