A Fading Dream

In my dream, I sailed away
Over the tame waters of a tranquil bay
And landed in a magic isle
Never set foot before by anyone alive

by Valsa George Click to read full poem

Comments about A Fading Dream

Indira Renganathan 04 Jan 2019 10:50
Very interesting....what a dream that made you feel lost...! ! ..to be honest I like this dream of yours though it woke you up to cry in the middle of of your sleep....because of this dream only you have given us such a wonderful poem...as always your style of describing things is superb...a poem of great excellence.
Kumarmani Mahakul 12 Sep 2018 10:15
A highly imaginative poem on dream and nature has been astutely and incisively painted. I appreciate the way of presentation. Thanks a lot.
Walterrean Salley 15 Dec 2016 08:23
(A Fading Dream by Valsa George.) **Sometimes it's good to get away; especially to such an utopia as is described in your poem. But nothing seems to rival that unique familiarity of family love and friendship. Thank you.
Edward Kofi Louis 06 Nov 2016 11:35
To my native land. Nice piece of work.
Pietro 6 23 Feb 2016 11:52
Beautiful poem dense with meaning.It remind me an italian film I saw when I was young. After 2 years away from my family I decided to go back home.Thank you fom the emotion
Saint Cynosure 30 Nov 2014 03:39
I am glad I found this it is delightful... pleasant wishes.
Akhtar Jawad 04 Sep 2014 10:19
Imagination of Valsa is so high That one is required mental flights at a greater altitude. A nice poem.
Loyd C. Taylor, Sr. 30 May 2014 02:46
Hello poet friend Valsa. I enjoyed your poem and thank you for the dream of fantasy and adventure, of longing and intrigue. It was great! Thanks for your recent reviews of my work. Loyd
Chris G. Vaillancourt 08 May 2014 11:01
Interesting piece of work. enjoyed reading it!
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 05 Mar 2014 11:39
A great imagery..........Valsa.........almost a dream to be realized recedes.............such a great write.......you deserve for all your poems more than ten stars....
Amitava Sur 22 Feb 2014 07:56
A lovely imagery. I t says a picturesque place even it's a fairy land feels good only for some time, but the real place of love and liking lies along with the known and loving people only, irrespective of a palace or a mud house..... very nice
Heather Wilkins 14 Jun 2013 06:43
a fantastic dream if it could only last. nice images
Yasmin Khan 09 May 2013 12:07
On the wings of imagination you entered the luring land of Nature away from fellow beings but just a true lover of humanity you missed warm embrace, a lovely write...believe sI too could experience ecstasy when reading through your poem.
Maria C. Pires Costa 27 Feb 2013 05:38
OH, your senses, your feelings, your imagination have taken you along this voyage through the ocean of words! I You have managed to land again safely and join in your loved ones. I loved it! Good luck! Maria
Thomas Hsi 26 Feb 2013 04:48
Technical superiority with vast creative expression. A terrific poem!
Diane Hine 25 Feb 2013 05:25
An unpeopled paradise ultimately has no meaning for us. We're nothing without communication - much wisdom and beauty in this poem.
Nasarudheen Parameswaran 25 Feb 2013 03:21
A nice dramatic presentation of travel and nostalgia with the spirit of Lotus Eaters
Elena Sandu 24 Feb 2013 05:18
Wow! I had a glimpse of true happiness the harmony and the peace of maybe afterlife. But yes how true we are here to care and love it doesn't matter if we touch the harmony or not. We are meant to bring the smiles and so we would not do anything to cause the otherwise. A lovely poem, full of beauty and depth thank you for share.
This time too you have begun with a good feel but soon have reversed it to render a touch of originality to the utopian land you have been to. The last line is very good as your hubby calls you darling and that reflects the equally good world you are living in. A poem that illustrates the apt use of poetic devices at your will.... Thanks for sharing Madam Valsa.
Kee Thampi 23 Feb 2013 08:07
a metaphor of love A fantasy land with a magic spell Hidden away at Nature's veiled breast