A Fading Dream

The purple gloom of midnight hides
all outward signs of the decay.
A sense of grandeur still abides.
That’s absent by the light of day.

by ivor or ivor.e hogg Click to read full poem

Comments (21)

Wonderfully done, Very caring heart. thanks for sharing Michael
An excellent poem. I liked the last stanza. Voted
A graceful and lyric remembrance. My wife has taken me to her grandmother's house in Missouri which has fallen to ruin. We stood on the porch before a broken window and Robin told me stories of where everything used to be and how everyone who lived there busied their days.
Stray silver moonbeams softly show to best advantage what remains of elegance from long ago but very tactfully refrain, Rachel Ann Butler
going to my favorite means a lot for me..naizz
sir igor, perfect again! i see interesting words rhymed so well.
this is brilliant poetry sir.....smooth andd rhythmic.
good gravy this piece is killin me! ! the last stanza is just exceptional! ! ! wow where have you been all my life? i find that a lot of people cannot make a poem felt when they rhyme as they strive to be creative and in the long run they sidetrack n loose it. moved. word
Thanks for the meter lesson. I really want to learn because I am an eger student Tell me, your line: 'When I recall it use to be' whould that have lost its meter if you wrote 'when I recall what it use to be' Hope I am not taking too much of your time but you know what happens when an student finds a great teacher.
Exceptionally excellent Ivor. I love it.10............You are indeed a great poet.800+ poems? That's amazing. Looking forward to reading some more soon.
This is a subject that touches me deeply. It's sad to watch the decay and riuin of a childhood home. You are so right, they can't destroy the memories....Wonderfully penned.......Marianna
This is an excellent poem.Memories are to treasure aleays.Worthy of a 10.
This is a very enjoyable poem to read. I gave it a 10.
This is a great poem as well. I found a couple of technical things that made it a 9, but this is a poem everyone can read and enjoy. GW62
Ivor my friend, You have captured a beautiful scenery, very grand flowing expression of words, your ability to create these fine works of art are in a league of their very own. I love the way you gracefully tease the reader into wanting more. A strong visually composed poem my friend. *10* Best wishes Jon
You write with gusto, I see in you a great poet of 21st century. I specially liked the following lines: They’ll tear it down and in its place. They will erect monstrosities without a single saving grace. That they can sell profitably. A stately home for centuries will disappear without a trace. But I will retain my memories. That something that they can’t erase I would like to add, And then my heart with pleasure fill Of dreams that the wealth did chill, Of memories sweet, sharp and shrill, Those will be my source of final thrill.
A moving tribute to another time, and in perception's mind, another place! Excellent composition.
Its the same thing everywhere. Old homes that captured the imagination being torn down. Thanks for putting this so perfectly in a poem.
Excellent poem Ivor! Wonderfully descriptive, thanks for sharing! ! *10*! ! Best regards, Friend Thad
Yes, you see this happening everywhere Ivor, and it is so sad. Destruction all around. Lovely piece. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX