A Fading Friendship

Slowly our friendship fades away
soon it'll be gone like yesterday
we better catch it before it gets too far away
Little by little it passes
We both know it wont last
it's too bad we can't fix where it went bad in the past
even though we know friends come and go
it's still hard for both of us to let go
as we come to an end
we still want to remain friends
wish that we could go back and try this over again
it's best for us to be apart
but you'll be my best friend always and forever in my heart

by noelle carter

Comments (3)

This poem is very original. It is pervaded with a feeling of dissatisfaction..It seems that an old tender feeling can't revive a new condition.
true friends shall never fade..............emotion
A good and genuine friendship never fades and in fact it grows as a waxing moon!