(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Failure In Love

Oh, how sever the heart's pain,
In the love, did what I gain,
Writhing my heart and eyes rain,
I forget her, but in my dreams remain.

First awoke my sleeping emotions,
Promised with me to stay lifelong,
Her lovely eyes made in me commotions,
And sang to me a false love song.

Likely she loved me as showed her gesture,
So, I proposed and gave her gifts and rose,
But, her return taught me a lesson for future,
Cause I was given only tears and pathos.

Ruined me her coral lips and rosy cheek,
I sacrificed my everything and too, myself,
In a diana a tender heart I tried to seek,
But, given me faithlessness by my elf.

Lament! For her I lost my delights,
And like blind believed did what she speak,
I missed her badly all days and nights,
But, she pushed in ditch from the love-peak.


by Mohammad Muzzammil

Comments (9)

a failure in love, but there will be many more in the future. nicely written with a touch of sadness
true feeling in your words....
gee! what a nice poem. it makes me remember my past. thanks for sharing this. i thought im the only one who has this kind of past
While I was looking at your list of peoms I noticed 'A failure in love' right away. I am in a similar situation and I found myself in the poem. You wrote just how I feel and I believe half of the world feels as love comes and go, sometimes we don't appreciate true love enough, and false loves leave us broken... leave biggest stamp in our souls and that's when the greatest poems begin!
its very dep rooted and heartfelt. I will say most of the time we really can't understand what love is but love to me is that you would jump in front of a bullet to save that one person u love and they will do it back if they really loved you. But to me she did say she loved you but she never really asked herself if she loved you. If someone says they love you, make sure they do, make sure they will do anything to see you happy and you do the same with them. I rate this 10 of 10. Keep up the great work! =)
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