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A Faint-Hearted Dinky Doll
ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

A Faint-Hearted Dinky Doll

When she reached the adulthood and she forgets her childhood friend who accompanied her in the nursery road.
She becomes a mother and numberless new toys scatter around her child.
Saga of a sad toy continues and this old doll wants to join with the new dolls but she is very scared.
Her child plays with toy guns, helicopters, warships, armory and etc.
The rustic old doll repents of the new civilization and she cries in an isolated trash box.

*Is the human cruelty immeasurable?

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Nimal, this poem shows how that which has real value is often discarded in the quest for consuming that which is new, new, new. A sad indictment of a sick society. lovely work. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Human cruelty is immeasurable, but human kindness should be as well. This frail soul deserves our love and compassion rather than our censure, I believe.Take care, Nimal. Regards, Sandra