Death-Our Worst Enemy

You know no race, colour or tribe.
You know no age or physical appearance.
You attack the rich and the poor.
The thin and the fat.
The tall and the short.

What have we done to you death?

I once had a mother and a father.
A sister and a brother.
An uncle and an aunt.
A grandmother and a grandfather.

Where have they all gone?

Now i'm ruming on the street.
No food, no clothes and no shelter.
Please God, protect us from the evil of this enemy,
Death-our worst enemy.

by Martin Greyford

Comments (8)

Huh,this has reminded me of memories of my childhood-well thought out
really loved this one
Beauteous poem.......
The rhyme scheme is good and and it seems well thought out. The meaning is easy to see. Thank you for sharing.
I am honestly and deeply touched. That was the reality of my life when i was a young child
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