A Fake Smile

As I walk by you I form.....
A Fake Smile
Across my face
You and I will never be the same
HAHA what a Foul I was
I use to have a real smile
Now my eyes sparkle but only
Because my tears are struggling to come out
What a tearful night that was the night you left
My mom asked what wrong I responded everything
You’re the reason my grades are down
You’re the reason I cry
Still you cause me so much pain but then again …….
You’re the only thing that makes me happy

by Yulissa Fregoso

Comments (2)

Wow! Yulissa, what an impressive write, you left me speechless! It is a well penned and poignant poem that clearly shows the great TALENT to make it through the Poetry World. Keep it up! Keep inspiring the World with your great works! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...
oh! quite true i m really tired of putting this fake smile on can't help it but your poem brought some relief i m not the only one coping it! i liked ur views