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A Fallen Soul

Why! Is everything that I think of since you've been gone
How such a good person, could go so wrong
Why did u say everything that you did
Leaving me here alone, with my heart outbid
Why did you enjoy living my lifestyle
Giving it all up for nothing, hardly allowing me to smile

When it came to being my girlfriend, you were the best
You had a lot more than just a big chest
You meant something to me, and for that you are special
No matter what time of day you always looked exceptional
I miss watching you play with your hair,
I miss the fact of knowing that you were always there
Baby, I miss you more than you could ever imagine

Why are you gone and staying single,
You’ve caused me to celebrate Christmas without a jingle
Now that we’ve enter 2005
I can’t move on without you by my side
Why did you bring me to go see Phil
Was it the same reason I didn’t allow you to take the pill
Why do I still see you as the person that I may love
Portraying you always as an Angel from above

You are the world to me, so stop being blind
I wish that one day, I could soon say that your mine
The last thing I wanted, was for you to go
And it’s impossible for me to try to let go.
If you only knew how much you really meant to me,
You wouldn’t believe, I even saw you as the bride to be.

Now I’m left with only a dream
It’s too bad you didn’t want to be part of the team
Now that you’re gone, I love you even more
Even though I’ve been completely erased, other than my Eeyore

Ever since you left my life has been a mess,
It’s so hard to live without my beautiful Princess
Now that I lost the person I think I loved
I seek help from the one and only above


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