** A Falling Star **

My falling star thou art
not a fading one-
I caught you quick
my aesthetics
my refuge thou art
my all.

Look at me—
From my bright eyes
you took my fires
Hurled them around
and took my desires
From that grain of sand
you made me Taj
the oasis I became
the honeycomb
of your loves name

An aroma thou left
on my soul
As the mountains
kisseth the clouds
the bright sunshines rays
like a shroud
clingeth to the earth
As the moon beareth
Shy glances on the seas
My glances furtive to thine--

I caught thee
like a falling star
so easy, so gently
like a trapezist on a net.
Let me hold on then
Nay, not for a fleeting moment
But till age snows the
white hairs on me.
That falling star thou art
ill keep on my crown
wont be a mystery.
Let it be history
Yes thou art my aesthetics
Thou art my refuge
My all



Comments (62)

Nice poem. A good read.
Another luvli poem catch a falling star and put not in your pocket, an ode to your loved one, very well worded Anjali as one would expect from you+++10 Been away to Noosa Ville for eight days with no computer....regards
All I can say is well done.
Wonderful words from an ascending star.
This poem emotionally engineered aesthetically worded. Ten++ Ms. Nivedita UK Please visit my page and comment &c: Why Hack My She or others. [in Elite 500] niv
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