A Falling

Life has been monotonous
Since the time I see the world
Melancholy lingers in my mind
Where in solitude I meditate
As my heart starts falling...

Life has been tremendous
Since the time I start to react
Intuition filling my innate senses
Awakes my valued sentiments
As my heart starts falling...

And the moment you came
Life has become harmonious
I now appreciate being alive
With your care I feel arduous
I am falling in love with you!

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (3)

Lovely poem Marvin, the falling was worthwhile afterall, Excellent poem. --Melvina--
From momotonous to tremendous to harmonius... lovely progression and well penned. I'll bet that you enjoyed the 'Falling'! Shaye
Quite the dreamy read this is, starts off feeling rather low and then picks up with the highs of of the heart re-energising.... good write Marvin. HG: -) xx