A False Truism

They say:
'you snooze, you lose'
and it's said like a truth I should keep
but the uncouth answer I choose
Is at least you don't lose sleep!

by Chuck Audette

Comments (23)

Great stuff. I'm a wake up to this sort of thing although tired of some of those contradictory disposable platitudes. Well done.
I like, I like. Niffty thought. Read mine - Clowns - Adeline
I would guess that U'd not want to take a sleeping pill, or U'd lose te will. Great write Sir Chuck. God bless the sleepy ones-MJG.
How can one choose? I am at my best when I am asleep.
Hear Hear! ! (and with a little one in tow - I totally get this one!) HG: -) xx
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