John Clare
wrote poems
on scraps
of paper,

erased them
with bread
he ate

When he ran
out of scraps
he wrote
in his hat.

When he ran
out of bread
he ate

by Jeffrey Harrison

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Comments (23)

Great stuff. I'm a wake up to this sort of thing although tired of some of those contradictory disposable platitudes. Well done.
I like, I like. Niffty thought. Read mine - Clowns - Adeline
I would guess that U'd not want to take a sleeping pill, or U'd lose te will. Great write Sir Chuck. God bless the sleepy ones-MJG.
How can one choose? I am at my best when I am asleep.
Hear Hear! ! (and with a little one in tow - I totally get this one!) HG: -) xx
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