CM ( / East Bengal (Bangladesh))

A False Victory

Do you know your post and position?
You are a slave for your prison-Nation!
By twisting facts and by giving you the mask;
Actually, to enchain you was their task!

K force, Z force, B.L.F, FF. Command council;
Atrocity was with Guns and Bangladesh should reveal!
Fact will remain that you didn't free own country;
I don't understand your false victory!

Your national flag was changed twice;
Bangladesh did the fun and What asurprise!
Look at your size! You are not bigger;
India made you! Why disobedient against the father?

Youall are same as inn India's foundation;
You have to admit that it was a false liberation!
Shame of 16th December in Nineteen Seventy One;
Bengali date, month, year not established, not done!

Worldwide, those false freedom fighters;
They were unjustified and paid gangsters! Collaborators! !
Alas! The humanity fell by aggressive beasts;
Don't be anymore narrow, nasty, nationalists!

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