I Just Ache

I just long and ache in this lonely state,
I'm missing you in the most awesome painful ways,
I just want you here to tell me it's okay,
wrap me in your arms and heal the pain,
while for you I do the same.
You and I deserve to feel better and by each other feel safe.

I just ache to be away from my precious one,
it also kills me to know you're also in this zone.
It feels like my heart is being ripped in half,
I just want to sleep but can't, nor eat,
I'm just here in exsistence.

Please dear though don't hurt or worry over me,
I don't want you to feel the stress of my burdens.
I feel sad enough that you already hurt,
please don't take on my burdens.

I ache so bad and am wretchedly sad,
yet know and feel my heart and warmth are always with you.
I love and miss you very much.
Oh my dear in every way I need your touch.

by Michael P. McParland

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amazing piece of artistry
Well, I ordinarily don't care much for the Fireside poets. Traditional rhyming poems like this usually irritate me. Poems this long I expect to tell a story or have a gripping appeal. From all I've read about Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., his father was not a very admirable man or likable father. But, in spite of all this, I must admit this is delightful. I can't understand why we weren't given this in all those American literature anthologies that were foisted upon us with most of the words never to so clever, humorous, appealing, even inspiring in its own way. I wish it had a more appropriate title; maybe, more intriguing or connotative or indicative of the content and tone of the poem: I might have suggested The Rhyming Tarantula.
I might be posting twice here. Sorry, I didn't know I had to create an account first. Is there a place online that I can read about who Sybil was in A Familiar Letter?
beautifully written love the rhyming and definitely will read a second time.. :)
Long but enjoyable poetic definition of poetry.A lot inspiration lies in this masterpiece for he who aspires for poetic glory.
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