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Winter Sparkles
TGC (16 November / Westport New Zealand)

Winter Sparkles

Poem By Daniel Miltz

May the years unfold gently,
while richly filled
with happiness, prosperity, and peace.
May you ever strive forward, with love
and friendship at your side.

Never forsaking the noble ideals,
the goals our Lord gave in Grace,
to ease the suffering;
of mortal man. For the dream
is the tie to life.

Never loose sight of the Lord’s Love.
Always walk in his ways.
Returning to the path if erring footfall
by chance causes thee to stray.
For man’s ways hold many thorns
that pierce unguarded flesh.
No comfort is found there no security.

Only great pain... torment... distress...
before the grave. Man’s works
crumble perish with coming age.
We seek through life’s journey
slowly understanding - is distilled
through the words and grace of God.

For life’s toils end
in this world of shadows -
upon the breath of a warm wind
to carry us home above the plains.

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Yes when I considered my most popular poems I find, they were all on my old overseas site, most starting near the top in the alphabetical listing. Therefore they are not always the best or most interesting, just the most easily accessible, three of the first four listed; ‘cubism’ Picasso, “i Am Not A Terrorist” Sarah Palin and 2011 Global Fish Extinction Crisis. Then the most popular 'A Blue Rose Tragedy', followed by 'A Caster Of Stones', 'A Change Of Heart', 'A Cup Of Wine Would I Give Thee*', 'A Golden Memory', 'A Good Place To Start', etc. Seems almost all popular poems start with an 'A' and few readers can progress past this most popular of letters. The only exception being the poems 'Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman? ', 'Sown Into Earth Adoration Love' and 'Song Of My Love*'. Therefore important theme poems like 'State Of 20th Century Man*' are overlooked. If we write too much, a lot of good poetry will be buried.
This is absolutely beautiful, Terence! No wonder why it is one of your most popular poems. Wisdom and truth.
Wisdom and fortitude in the words of a poem. Full of spiritual insight, and comforting to the soul. Thanks.
I really enjoyed this beautiful poem written with such feeling and intensity. Mans journey through lfe is a long and tedious one. It is only through Gods help and our faith that will make it a good one. Very inspiring.
Great poem, I love the setting keep it coming..
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