AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

A Fancy Bundle Of Roses

laid in tears bundle with roses in the wrist line
with hands goggle for wither petals of lovely Roses

scramble feeling settle my knee of dense pain as
the heart, shout tremendously of anguish of nothing
left as I am today

role the pages of time and catch the running
stream for a drink, as the eyes watch the
thundering voice of delightful cry and dearly behold
that death will come to say and depart not to stay
in me, I am still have the pain

Roses are for free, nurturing thorn, bleeds
the trembling hand for that fancy, could be the last
request of my faithful heart, and leave me not my
heart, for only in you I stay and lay my true love

spread the tears of lasting perfume and sprinkle
the fancy Roses of droplets of heart, bundle with
genuine appeal, and turn the lasting friendship
into a window of splendid smell aroma of love,
the climax of my essence stay

propel the scented moist, lovingly gallops my Heart
and Soul ….

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Comments (2)

Very expressive... convincing poem as always thanks for sharing, Sir Maia
Wonderful imagination. Love the way it came through your pen! . Almost had a mixed emotion, little sad but mostly glad. Loved it! ; D