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A Fantasy
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A Fantasy

Poem By Valsa George

Dozing on a hammock
Strung between two towering pines
With the sky above-
colour washed in turquoise blue
and the waters below
reflecting that heavenly hue,
you came to me
sailing in a dream
like the strains of a symphony
causing endless vibrations
in my solitary heart

you showed up
all too sudden
like a rainbow on my vacant sky
after a cloud burst of cloistered grief
to blaze it with iridescent shades

Your smile
embalmed my bruised spirit
with the coolness of a summer drizzle
falling, like manna
over starved Israelites
in their arduous odyssey
through blistering sands

Your passionate breath,
spewed on my face
bore the scent of opening buds
in the mazy tangle of wild creepers
growing dense in nearby woods.

Your amorous whispers
fell in my ears
*with the sweetness of the melody
from Krishna's flute
with Radha near, love sick
her lips curled in an immaculate smile.

Your soft footsteps
like the jingle of a court dancer
echoed in the silence of my soul
with a hundred evocations

As the jingles
came nearer in synchronizing rhythm
I held out my arms
to clasp you in tight embrace
and reel you in frenzied jig

But you vanished,
with the swiftness
of bubbles rising and breaking
in a beer glass,
leaving me to my desolate zone

The sky overhead had changed
into another shade

Still I lay in mid air,
with my eyes sealed tight
to re-live that dream
once again!

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Comments (28)

Wow..! ! what a colourful portrayal of the wonderful love of Radha-Krishna.....beautiful poem that makes me read it again and again...you seem to be a poet by birth Valsa...God bless you- 100
Your passionate breath spewed and your smile embalmed my bruised spirit, Communication between Radha and Krishna is beautifully narrated in this brilliantly perceived poem. Tender flow of this poem brightens up life's moment entirely.10
Sailing in a dream! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Poetry comes first.. words follow... ur every inch a poet Valsa.
Poetry comes first.. words follow... ur every inch a poet Valsa.