A Fantasy Journey

I'll dance a jig and off my hat, I'll wave goodbye, I won't be back.
For I'm taking off for faraway places, to see the sites and enter the races

Hop in a train, fly in a plane, happy am I to wander a lane.
Climb a mountain, sail the seas and ride a donkey where I please.

Daring the desert to swallow me, damning the jungle to wallop me.
I'll linger awhile in a grass hut, cleanse my soul right out of the rut.

I'll sit on my haunches around a fire and watch with delight the pygmies desire.
To prance and dance and make voodoo, by drums my dears, I'll contact you.

Take off again and ride my broom through starlit skies right to the moon.
Knock on wood I'll hear your call, I'll be in China climbing the great wall.

From Bethlehem midst great religion, I'll send a message by carrier pigeon.
I'll muster my courage, stalk a lion and listen to the coyotes crying.

I'll traipse to Paris to see the tower, taste the wine and keep a late hour.
Then off to Rome to visit the Pope, turn on my charm and ask for hope.
To hurl me to the Alps you see, so I can yodel and I can ski.

Then off to good old Britain I'll go, to see the palace and see the show.
While there my dears I will take care to hurdle a love note through the air.
Across the oceans and over the land, sent to you by my own hand.

I will come back, I promise that, put on a smile and top my hat.
Be content to stay awhile, then off again for many a mile.

by Edna Mae Donaldson

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