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A Far Better Place
AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

A Far Better Place

Poem By Audrey Heller

Here I am and there you are, in
a place, that's very far! It's not
my time, to be with you and so
it's here, I'll stay. The time will
come, when we'll be together,
but when that will be, no one,
can say! I picture you, waiting
for me and looking, as you did,
before. They'll be a warm and
wonderful greeting, as you lead
me through, heavens door! We'll
both, be very happy, to see each
other again, as it will be, a very
long spell. And now we'll be
together, through eternity, which
suits me, very well! One, has to
believe this exists, if you do,
you'll have no fear. For we'll be
going, to a far better place, than
what we have, right here!

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Comments (2)

a nice poem imparting a nice message... rated it 10
wow.. great expresed... love it..