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A Farewell
( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

A Farewell

Poem By Dr subhendu kar

as when the clouds of fear cover
that may take away all the smiles
simply over the faith of trust as prevailed
on the milieu of beauty, love and bliss

as when stormed by the thunders
casting the shadows by darkness
leave the deep scars as coursed
by blackness as when precipitates

that reasons the angels when shocked
to go away with eyes steeped in tears
the heart yet hurtful as ruined by blemishes
leaving the friends in the memory lane

when embracing all the raved up smooches
the thoughts of share in deep ecstasy of resonance
of love and beauty as reasoned when dazzled
then and there at our time when we share

and the time makes us as what we are
yet reasoned by wishes of God as believed
yet I accord wishes though being hurtful
with all gracious gestures but being rugged red

while bidding farewell from a place like a home
to the divine souls as when disowned by the gloom
rocks up the heart with rueful grin in deterrence
as few drops of tears falling when cruised
but with the rain in remorse as when pained by the sorrow.

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Comments (9)

This is a very wonderful poem Mr. Kar
picturesque the pain, nostalgia the sense as there s something wrong with your bones, as organs inside are shifting, ' scrambling' great, great pain and yet setting free, feeling the coming of the numbness and then.... nothing can hurt you any more and the angels shed dried tears on the ground
I became the witness very sad farewell... 10... Tsira
All must go in many ways, its human destiny! Just the passing of my boss Gerardo Cunanan ' Always Be Remembered', Thanks for sharing, a 10.
dont have to be on this way....oh my, why everybody must go!