A Farewell To A Friend

Today's the day I wish it not to come.
Such this, a farewell I wish not to say.
But such a day thus day of glum,
that you depart and go your way.

But of this day such a day you leave me,
alone this night, this night I wept.
But such a day, a day we knew would be;
still this day I cannot accept.

Oh my friend, my dear, dear friend;
many years have come and gone.
The day we met as fate intends,
those days have grown our bond.

As you depart, no need to worry,
I'll continue on this journey alone.
On this day to death, I plea,
'Slow your clock.' oh, I intoned.

Upon this day, death embraces you;
our friendship end is never nigh.
Our bond these years have been so true,
that is why this night I cry.

Still this day, I ponder back and when,
all turmoil and of pain.
All the help you were back then;
the help that kept this young man sane.

Yet through my troubles and dismay,
you were the one who guides my ship -
through countless waves of life's foul play;
you sailed me through and built this friendship.

Now you are leaving me with a memory,
the greatest gift to treasure.
As you go beyond the earth and sea,
beyond all worldly measures.

Hear me now my friend, my friend,
it still pains me to say,
'Let this not be our end,
we will meet again someday.'

Until then my friend,
it is a farewell until the end.
Until the Lord takes me away,
until that day, until that day.

by Adam M. Snow

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