Mr. And Mrs....

she asks him if he misses her
it's been a month
and there is no word

his hair is tangled
his eyes dry as a desert
his hands do not have the warmth of the sun

and he told her yes
she knows it is not true but she pretends
in the same manner
that he does

and so life goes on and on and on
and people believe them

what a happy couple!
oh, those happy days
those long, long, enduring years


Comments (7)

Dude seems a bit nuts - hard to tell if he's serious about these folks, or simply having fun. definitely some fun lines - I got a kick out of the sane couplet Neil mentioned. Interesting to see the vampires holding court in here too.
Fantastic expression with marvellous theme.
A roaring tribute to the golden age of exploration. What a grand adventure! Delightful to read. My favorite, of course: From the Indians of the Pampas Who would dine upon their grampas,
How the mountains talked together, Looking down upon the weather, nicely written in great artistic patterns
Wonderful composition. Great theme
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