A Farewell To Life

I know I am going to die tomorrow.
But I don't want to die.
I want to wake up in the morning
to hear the birds sing on the tree,
breath the misty air of dawn.

I want to see the sunset above the sea,
smells the scent of flowers,
run through the corn fields,
feel the moisture of earth under my bare feet
to sense that I am still alive.

I want to taste your kiss,
the salt of your tears,
cry out to heaven for righteousness:
"Lord, if you only let me live!"

Goodbye my love, goodbye my life that I loved so much-
too much.
My heart aches at the thought of leaving you.
Death is standing at the door, waiting to take me into his arms.
Away from you. Away from life.

But at least I know what I am dying for.
I am dying for you to live.

by Miriam Serota

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