The Revving Roar Of Rolling Thunder

Through the revving roar of Rolling Thunder,
amplifying along air and asphalt,
silent complacency's cast asunder,
by the tour de force its riders exalt.

On roads and bridges, spectators await
the annual coast-to-coast migration
of Run For The Wall passing through their state
in tightly unified group formation.

Reflecting our country's crossroads on chrome
the riders of Rolling Thunder emerge,
returning en mass to The Mall and Dome,
gathering strength as their chapters converge!

From Heartland to Beltway, we won't forget
the debt we owe the American vet!

E. V. Wyler

by Elizabeth Valerie Wyler

Comments (2)

............a nice composition ★ Aspiring to the sky and the bright moon
Good poem. Extremely rich in imagery and off course in translation. I must congratulate the translator for such a nice translation. Keep it up.