*a Farmer*

Clad in shabby dress, stinks sweat,
A churlish who works day and night
In the field,
To speed up the pace of progress,
To continue the game of politics,
The destiny of kingdoms
Lies on his rough palms,
By dint of his being,
The kings are kings and
The queens are queens,
He is the father of civilization.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Comments (23)

what would we do without the farmers. just a thought.
God bless the farmers, they are the saviors of humanity.
Farmers. They are the breasket of humanity. By God's grace, our fate rests with them. God bless the farmers.
A fitting tribute to the ordinary man, this farmer who by his work is more than ordinary...
 From: Buxton Shippy (WinchendonUnited States; Male; 56)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 6/14/2011 8: 38: 00 AM (GMT-6: 00)  Subject: A Farmer 'A Farmer' is a metaphor forthe unsung heroes of society. These people are hardly ever seen yet without their contribution society would implode and collapse. It is quite a tributeto the common folks. I will vote it 8 out of 10. Buxton Shippy
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