A Farmer's Appeal!

I set my foot in the soil,
before the sun rises in the East!

I feed and cure the crops,
and then the mighty world,
whether or not I feed myself!

My world is full of Cattle & Hen,
and they flock around me all the time!

With Dust and Dirt I get coloured,
working hard from Dawn to Dusk!

I'm the 'Son of the Soil',
working under the sun, stars,
and showers day or night!

Feel my heart as it beats,
with the sounds of stream and wind!

I bid adieu after the blazing sunset,
with my thoughts still on the soil!

I'm the 'Farmer' who takes care of,
the 'Former's' creation with Love and Care!

Feel me when you Eat and Dine,
for I'm always the forgotten Time and Tide!

by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda

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