NL (1930 / Vietnam)

A Father

There He brought home a bag again
Regularly of foods and toys as main;
The children gladly rushed to Him;
They embraced one another full of vim.

He said, "When a kid, not happy at all,
I craved for each teddy bear, each doll;
My parents were too poor, could not buy;
I endured thru nights for dole to multiply."

Therefore now that He has a job found,
Deftly managed His family life to round,
Not to alcoholism, drug, gambling cling,
He can buy toys, gifts for his offspring.

But, further, playthings being not bounds,
He also participates, leads to playgrounds;
Explaining lessons, telling stories, all told,
Dad and kids attached on life's threshold.

While there are many an ill-fated child,
Without or with a father but the wild;
Pleased to see with Him the kids are glad,
I praise Him for being a wonderful Dad.

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