A Father's Advice! ! !

You are the part of my body and soul,
You are the one who will surely achieve his goal,
So, for you here are some pieces of advice,
For, you may lead a life that is simple and nice.

To you, the first and foremost advice from me,
Is only to fear Allah and to Him bow on your knee,
Guard the rope which connects you with Him,
To enlighten your life and get rid of dark and dim.

With all humanbeings the behaviour of yours,
Must be sympathetic and kind all the more,
Never oppress anybody, tyrannize, crush and repress,
As you surely don't wish to be absurd, maltreated and supress.

Remember boy! you'll be brought serious harm be vanity and conceit,
Because then uncomforts and displeasures of life you'll meet,
So be humble, modest, kind, gentle and sweet-tempered,
Never be rude, bitter, abrupt and careless but be pampered.

Now the last thing which u must not forget,
Is that only benefactor of your's is Allah, i bet,
You must perceive that the great and intelligent learn from advice,
As for them they are precious and of great price.

Now enclosing my list of advice,
Which will prove to be even more than a powerful device,
I entrust you unto Allah and His protection,
For me, that will be the last source of satisfaction.

Farah Sherazi

by Farah sherazi

Comments (4)

good piece of work....nice thoughts........
I gave this a 9 which is my normal high score because this is a passing of philosophy. All such writing will receive a recommended grade from me unless it is silly in content. This was wise and focused as well. I found it to be advice that is likely to be followed because it had a central theme.....Allah. GW62
what a lovely and devinely poem.nice work: -)
What a beautiful world would this be, if we all listen to your advice and be kind, humble and gentle. Nice write.