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A Father's Cry
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Father's Cry

Last night I dreamed I cried
Tears flowed like a hurricane far and wide
I woke sad and depressed for things I now regret
A hollowed feeling makes me so upset
A blank face I now put on and wear
I hold back the tears so my children see me not go there
I hurt so much inside to have lost so much so fast
I ponder how long the pain will last

I see the grief in their eyes as they ask me why
No answers for came just a tear from my eye
How, how, how could this be
I have lost the one's dearest to me

A broken family we are now
And at times, I ask myself how
Why did happen to us
To stay to together was a must
What such madness I can't believe
For all I can do is watch them leave

Iron bird takes them to distant lands
No more we walk and hold hands
No more trips to the mall
Yes my friends I have lost it all

My house is no longer a home
For the first time, we are alone
For us, this is a major crisis
We could still speak on man-made devices
Might as well you be in outer space
For can't hold and touch your face

It hurts so much to see you weep
But these words you should keep
Whatever pain, whatever strife
I will continue to love you more than life

The heavens opened to celebrate your birth
No precious metal can attain your worth
A seldom promise I made that day
I would take care of you come what may

No matter where no matter when
I will be there for you until the bitter end
Please for me don't you cry
This is not the end nor is it goodbye
For neither wherever you are nor whatever you do
Remember that I will always love you
We will love you just the same and shall not refrain
For no greater love in this life can ever be attained

Chin up and cry no longer
For the love I have will continue to grow stronger
You are my life and my link to the future
For you are my son and my loving daughter

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