Lies... is what everyone is all about
Seriously... it wasn't until the other day that I figured it out
He said, she said, switch around their words
so that all the wrong you've caused looks like it never could've occured

Lies... in between all the truth
it's sad because lying is a daily thing in our youth

She called you this. He said that
everything is stated; except what is fact

I saw this. He did that. She kissed him.
I know it 'cuz I saw it
yeah.. you saw it with your fantasy eyes
behind the fantasy lies, you're all hypnotized.

To say what you can so that the ball's in your court
so that you have the winning hand
so that you have the lead
but see... we are human... we bleed

We cry... We die... but since we are human
We're all bound to lie

'Daddy i'm going to Susie's house'
'Ok honey, behave'
Daddy what you don't know is,
this is the night I met my grave

because daddy I went to johnny's house, he was having a party
we were all drinking, then joey climbed on top of me.
I told him no but he was drunk
He was going to get what he wanted
daddy, i wish you were here
your strength is what I wanted

Joey forced himself into me,
'Why' I screamed so loud
then he threw his fist at me
and now everything's a cloud

When Joey was done he beat me some more
and then blood was running from my lips and nose

You think I'm at Susie's house
but I'm at Johnny's
Bleeding, naked, Joey ripped off all my clothes

It's 3: 15 in the morning and i'm lying in the basement, helpless
Everyone went home
Johnny's upstairs asleep

I can't move, I think my legs are broken
or maybe I'm just too weak

It's 7 am; I'm staring at the clock
time's moving so slowly
tick-tock, tick-tock

Daddy where are you? You would've rescued me by now

Daddy I'm not at Susie's
I'm at Johnny's downtown
It's a blue house with 2 floors
There are two white doors
Daddy, can't you hear me?
Daddy help me!

9 am; and i hear footsteps coming nearer
I wish i could see who it is but
my vision isn't getting clearer

'Oh My God, What happened to you? , you poor dear'

'Well, ' I said to Johnny's mom, 'Joey had too much everclear'

Now i hear sirens & faintly I see lights
'Emergency, rape & assault victim, she doesn't have much time'

What are they saying, they are talking so low...
What's going on, I'm the only one who doesn't know

Call my daddy and tell him I love him and I'm sorry
Tell him if I go, I'll be in a better place and not to worry

Now I'm in a room with so many electrical machines
and now I see my father, it's got to be a dream

'Daddy I love you'
'Baby hold on, i'm here, it's me'

'Daddy, I'm sorry, I didn't want to lie'
'Baby, who did this to you? why? '

'Joey had too much to drink & I told him no'
'Baby, hold on, don't let go'

'Daddy, I love you, please don't cry'
'Baby, don't leave me, Why, Lord, Why? '

and with those last words
my eyes began to close
my father dropped to his knees
and held my hand so tight
it's as if it were when i were only 5
and he was tucking me in for goodnight
goodnight daddy, i love you, i'll be in dream-land always
watching down on you
hoping for better days
I'm your little girl.
forever and always.

So you see, I lied to my daddy
about where i was going one night
and then everything ended
I was too weak to put up a fight
if I told my dad the truth he probably would've said no and come home
although I would've hated it,
I'd be alive and my daddy wouldn't be alone

->Tell the truth<-

by Carrie Kath

Comments (6)

this poem is so beautiful and so emotiona.
So totally beautiful. Fathers are too often under appreciated.
My dad died of cancer in April this year. Your poem is healing! Thank you and nice work!
I simply enjoy your word choices :)
i love how you expressed your feelings about a father in this poem.. They all should be this way.. But in my point of view mine isn't but lucky others have this.. This is great poem.. great job
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