A Father's Love

Is a Warm Embrace,
Or a Quick Hug
A Glowing Smile, and Your Wit and Wisdom...

A Fathers Love is a Walk in the Park
On a Hot Summer Day
A Drive in the Car, Down that Windy dirt Road

A Fathers Love is in the Poem Written
To 'A Friend or Daughter,'
In the Special Words That Come Only From a Father...

A Fathers Love is in Fun Times Together
Camping under the Trees
Enjoying a picnic, and Walking through the Leaves...

A Fathers Love is Faith in His Family
High Hopes and Dreams, And Pleasure in Doing
'What Ever It Takes'...

A Fathers Love is a Kiss on the Cheek
Or a Friendly Hand Shake
My Idol for Life, 'I Will Treasure Dearly'...

by Carmen Strawn

Comments (6)

this poem is so beautiful and so emotiona.
So totally beautiful. Fathers are too often under appreciated.
My dad died of cancer in April this year. Your poem is healing! Thank you and nice work!
I simply enjoy your word choices :)
i love how you expressed your feelings about a father in this poem.. They all should be this way.. But in my point of view mine isn't but lucky others have this.. This is great poem.. great job
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