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A Father's Love
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A Father's Love

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

As soon as I walked into
the Teacher’s Center
I said, “Congratulations!
you’re the envy of every
teacher in the school—
New York State
Teacher of the Year! ”
“Not such
a rosy picture, ” said George Sweeny sadly.
“Whatta ya mean? ”
“My son is a maniac.”
“Which one? ”
“At least Larry is OK.”
“I don’t know
cause he only moves
his bowels once a week
and you never know
when it’s gonna happen
since there’s such a build up.
Last week he did it
when we was riding
on the Belt Parkway.”
George paused
he seemed lost in thought.
“Like a little
earthquake it was, ” he laughed.
“Just my luck
there was an accident up ahead!
I hadda sit
there with that
stench for forty minutes.”
“How come he wasn’t
wearing Depends?
Seems like
a good solution
to the problem.”
“Mrs. Goetschius
his shrink
says it ain’t
good for him
well, the exact words
she used was
‘Not advantageous
for his soul.’
she’s the doctor.”

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Comments (7)

Dear Charles, What a delicious sense of humour emanating from the page. Had me laughing out loud all the way. Stupendous offering. Shall definitely read some more of yours. Gregory
I think alot of dads would've just put him in the depends and said heck with his doctor. That does say alot about him as a father. I'm finding your work very interesting......each one like a little mini-story. Sincerely, mary
I absolutely liked this poem and it will stick in my mind! ! .............willow
Charles, Your use of the narrative is brilliant and its divisions seem to make the flow so natural. I really think this is brilliant. You seem to be drawing up characters and projecting situations onto them in order to make a point. It is a facinating device and makes your work such facinating reading: something to return to. With great respect Denis Joe
a unique and interesting piece...i enjoyed this!