A Father's Prayer

Lord, make me tolerant and wise;
Incline my ears to hear him through;
Let him not stand with downcast eyes,
Fearing to trust me and be true.
Instruct me so that I may know
The way my son and I should go.

When he shall err, as once did I,
Or boyhood folly bids him stray,
Let me not into anger fly
And drive the good in him away.
Teach me to win his trust, that he
Shall keep no secret hid from me.

Lord, strengthen me that I may be .
A fit example for my son.
Grant he may never hear or see
A shameful deed that I have done.
However sorely I am tried,
Let me not undermine his pride.

In spite of years and temples gray,
Still let my spirit beat with joy;
Teach me to share in all his play
And be a comrade with my boy.
Wherever we may chance to be,
Let him find happiness with me.

Lord, as his father, now I pray
For manhood's strength and counsel wise;
Let me deal justly, day by day,
In all that fatherhood implies.
To be his father, keep me fit;
Let me not play the hypocrite!

by Edgar Albert Guest

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This is such a wonderful poem an inspiring write really Thanks LORD
In A Heap o’ Livin’, the poet wrote, “It takes a heap o’ livin’ in a house t’ make it home.” In this poem, he analyzes the relationship between father and son, making an indirect parallel between this human relationship and the divine relationship between the Father and Jesus while asking help from the Holy Father. ''Instruct me so that I may know...''- 10.
Oh, such a truth here. Parents should pray this prayer everyday. We need to guide our children to find the best and most fulfilling way to live their lives. That cannot be done with harsh cruel words, or with anger, or with belittlement. Love every moment with your child- even the painful ones when they are choosing wrong- love them with wisdom and gentleness and kindness and boundaries.
Such an inspiring write by Edgar Albert Guest👍👍👍
He yearned as only a father can yearn for the warm caresses of his children, in truth he wished to avoid the pain of parting by employing anything unpleasant that might hurt his son.........such a great poem with such a great thought.......thanks for sharing
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