A Father's Prayer

As I wall through the meadows
And woodlands of our country
I pray the peace of God's nature
Will always abide with you,
As the eagles spread their wings
Over the mountains and the sea
I pray that freedom's spirit
To be whatever you wish to be
Will always soar in your soul.
As the mighty ocean's gales
Blow through the ships' sails,
I pray that faith will keep you
always because faith never fails,
As the stars sparkle in the lakes
And sunlight ripples in the streams
I pray my children, you will always
Keep reaching for your dreams
Because it was a dream of God
That placed you here with me
And it was the constant believing
That makes the winds blow free
I pray that hope will light your path,
And courage guides your destiny
As we face the turning of
The pages of this century
My children I wish you love
And fond memories shine forever
Like a lighthouse upon the sea
A beacon to the tomorrow
A beacon of hope of eternity
May this father's love always
abide in the heart of thee
A braveheart forever to be,
Godspeed the new century.

by Carolyn Padgett Summerlin


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