LT (August 26th 1989 / Washington state)

A Father

There's so much to
say about a father
and how much
he loves his daughter
He's the only one man
in her life
that knows how to
make things right
He was there for
her from the
and always had a
for her to sit on while
they watched T.V.
he tried to give
her everything
even if everything
was all he had
and he still loves
her even though
the decisions she
makes are bad
although she doesn't
always open up to him
she knows he'll always
be there for her
when she needs him
He protects her
with all of his power
and even when
she's grown
she'll still have
some protection
from her one and
only father
she doesn't fuly
understand how much
he cares about
her now
but one day she'll
realize it and thank
him by making him proud
she thinks he's a
great father
actually the best
because he's been
there from the
begining and never left

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