Sweet Sunday Morning

A very beautiful and sweet
good Sunday morning to you
my dear beautiful sweetie I love and adore,
I am so sorry I dropped off like that
last night but these meds just keep knocking me out,
so I just want to wrap you up baby
and hold you so closely to me
giving you sweet kisses galore
and reassuring you just how much
I treasure you and how much I deeply care.
A very wonderful and beautiful Sunday morning
to you my sweet best friend,
I so wish you were here to snuggle so tightly with.

Such a very good Sunday morning to you
my sweet tender hearted love and soul mate.
As I rise and try to shake off the fog of sleeping
and all the tiredness from the medications
healing this infection I feel so awful
for drifting off last night quite sooner
than I had intended and could not write.
So I apologize to you and just wish
you could be here to wrap in my arms
giving the sweetest of kisses to
and just spend a sweet Sunday morning in each others arms.
I just want you my sweet Kira to always
have the best days and know you are cared for and loved.

So my sweet dear I wish such a very wonderful
and beautiful good Sunday morning to you
the sweet sweet Angel and woman I love
and adore above all.
As I now get up to read and finally enjoy
all of last nights planned things
I will be dreaming of you and wishing you were here with me.
As I am thinking of you I will be smiling
and feeling so happy too,
but I will feel a little bit sad in that
I know I let you down by not writing through the night
and because you are not here to join me just yet.
I will have a good morning though dear
because I know you love me so much and you care
and that soon enough our time will be here
and I will have the sweet Angel I love
here forevermore within my arms.

by Michael P. McParland

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