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A Fathers Son-A Sons Father
FS (December 28,1951 / Portsmouth, Ohio)

A Fathers Son-A Sons Father

As I sit to consider,
The events of my life,
Through many toils and heartaches,
Much bitterness, anger, and strife.

Yet I am always encouraged,
As I go from day to day,
To put my hands together,
Upon my knees I go to pray.

Thank you Lord Jesus,
For bringing me this far,
With your eyes ever on me,
Just like the noon day star.

You light my way before me,
You lead me where I should go,
You show me each and every day,
How much you love me so.

Just like my earthen father,
Before his life was through,
Prayed to you Lord Jesus,
I give my son to you.

Take him Lord by his hand,
A humbled child from the start,
Please take my son into your arms,
And protect his tender heart.

So I thank you Lord Jesus,
What more can this man say,
I thank you my Heavenly Father,
For helping me day by day.

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Comments (2)

This is a prayer. And it is not an average prayer, it is a great prayer. So, I gave the prayer a 9. This is my normal high score. Wonderful and very moving! GW62
A beautiful poem and heartfelt prayer. Humble, thankful, and uplifting.