A Fault Of Heartbreak.

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=6UiBAoivy2k

Treating my heart like a bomb the flames ignite my heart does not go out.
I loved a girl who was in my life until she died. I've haven't been so focused as I used to.
Feeling like i finally got what I wanted pain and suffering, i heal and return again only to get another heartbreak by the cheating of my new lover who I cared.
All of my pain and sorrow always begin whenever the winter of death comes and goes.
I am begginnning to cross the line I am at a fault of heartbreak.

[Let me just and see the world as I fly to the ground and rise up once more letting me see my ex lover once more.]
- Kyle Shannon aka Requiem

by Loveless Poet (Kyle S.)

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