(04 October 1943 / Germany)

'A Lonely Rose'

Something must've happened over time
no one seem to ever ask for me,
maybe I've lost my significance
or the world's going through a catastrophe,
maybe people don't love anymore
which would make me totally worthless
I may as well become extinct
for I have no other means or purpose,
no one says 'I love you' as I do
or put hearts together just for the hell of it,
but if I no longer have the same affect
what I once stood for is now irrelevant,
I just wanted to make a difference
and keep a smile upon a face
believe that I meant a lot more
than just another flower in a vase.

by Bernard Snyder

Comments (5)

Excellent - lovely poem. Just a bit sad, too, wanting the pillow. You really are very romantic. That's rare these days, and so nice. Warmest regards, CJ
Reminds me of when my husband and I were first married and we were waiting for his paperwork......we sent letters back and forth with cologne and perfumes.
Thank you Mary, for all your kind words tonight. Have you read my 'The Scent Of Horty? I have written a small one tonight for you. Best wishes Herbert
It's funny how strongly the sense of smell can stimulate certain feelings. This reminds me when my husband was in 'Desert Storm' in Iraq in 1991......many items were shipped this way just to remind us of eachother. Thank you for the memory. Sincerely, Mary
This is just so sweet, like eating candy. Thanks for sharing, the read is mighty dandy.