A Favourite Stroll

The waters flow unhurriedly
below banks overhung with green.
Singing its own soft melody
as it finds its way in between.
moss covered rocks haphazardly.
Which line the stream in disarray.
The waters move determinedly
investigating every way.
They can continue on their quest
A journey which eventually
will lead them to join all the rest
of rivers flowing to the sea.
I have been know to wend my way
Along this stream before today.


by ivor .e hogg

Comments (4)

this is a nice simple description, well written.
I know this path...and you've brought it back to me in memories. How grateful I am! ! Everytime you took this stoll, you saw something a little differently. Made that stroll comforting, reliable. How ultra good this is! ! ! xxElysabeth
An enjoyable piece to read and ponder. It elicits a lot of ideas and pleasant thoughts about our lives, what they could be and are, etc. It certainly is worth reading many times and I can make it my favorite too. 'Stroll' is certainly the right word.
i see you have held many jobs...that itself make you able to wend your way...thru the stream of life...thru the sea of vastly different people...liked the poem very much...very fresh and very flowing...love...nalini