RW (23 Aug / London)

A Fear In My Head

I wish I could tell you how I feel inside
But I can no longer express it, I shrivel and hide,
My mind is awake thinking oh what to do
I cannot say I never think about you.

This life that I hold, wasn't what I was after
But you came along and slowed this disaster,
Forever I am grateful for you being there
Because before you I wouldn't have cared.

This is gonna sound silly, of this I am sure
But it is the only thing I can do to try and gain a cure,
My mind fills up with thought after thought
But I am watching and learning my mind getting taught.

My shyness has spiralled I cannot let it go
No matter what I try, I've just lost that flow,
There is that great fear that I hold in my head
If I were to say anything my face would turn red.

Now can't you just see, how bad I can be
With a smile on my face but the fear still in me,
I find it so tough to express what I'm thinking
If only it felt as easy as blinking.

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