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A Feeling
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A Feeling

I am,
That birthday song that restaurants sing.
That school bus the stops to pick up kids when you’re stuck behind it.
That dinging noise that you hear randomly during the day.
When you have a song that you don’t like stuck in your head.
When your eyes are trying to refocus and everything goes blurry for a second.
That feeling of total relaxation, when you’re trying to relax.
That feeling after you've drank something too hot.
That time of day when everything you've done wrong hits you.
That noise when your cd skips.
When you stand up too fast and everything goes black.
When your nose itches and you can’t itch it.
That boredom so bad that you wish you were in school learning something your not going to remember 20 minutes after school ends.
That feeling when you’re reading a book, and realize that you’ve just been reading the words while you were thinking about someone or something else, therefore not taking in the content of the literature.
When the phone rings and you hope someone else picks it up, and no one does.
When you know you need to eat but you’re not hungry.
When that one thing crosses your mind over and over again and it won’t leave.
Not knowing where to go or what to do......ever.
Getting preached at for not knowing something, so therefore, you’re wrong.
Pouring you cereal, and then realizing that you have no milk.
That feeling when you have no idea of what you are about to do, or the outcome of it, but you do it anyways.
When you just smiled, but you don’t know why.
You know, that feeling.
Sometimes good.
Sometimes bad.
And sometimes just ok.
There are many things that express this feeling.
And I missed a bunch of them while I was writing this.
But I’m pretty sure you kind of know what I’m talking about.
And I don’t even know if I have anything to say about that feeling.
But I am letting you know, that it’s out there.
And I, of many people, feel it occasionally.
I’ve been told to question everything.
I don’t know, cause it’s something to do.
But also I get some sort of satisfaction when I realize that whatever I happen to question ultimately has no reason whatsoever.
Like the milk
Why don’t we just use water?
I never taste the milk when I eat cereal.
Or maybe I do, and I just don’t know it.
Ok, so no I’m just ranting on about nothing important.
And you’ve probably lost your interest.
If you even had any in the first place.
So I guess I’m just going to end this thing here.
What would you call something like this.
A poem?
No, it’s too…
Well, I just wouldn’t consider this a poem.
I'll just call this “A Feeling”
Ok, it’s over now.

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