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I Am A Brother
SN (1/5/90 / Savannah Georgia)

I Am A Brother

I am one of the least of your brothers.
I am neither your son or your lover.
I am just another.
I am just a face in the crowd.
Neither silent or loud.
I just need your love and support
People are my court.
They decide whether I should live or die
Or sit on the pavement and cry.
Give me faith give me hope
Because I cannot cope.
I have no distinctive features
I am no street preacher
Sometimes I am a wretched creature.
I have no money I am poor
Siting with my begging bowl on the floor.
Knocking on your door
For shelter on your floor!
I have no girlfriend I cannot score
No one cares for me anymore.
I stink but I try not to think
I try not to think
I try not to think that I wish I hadn't been born.
I have a yawn…..
Then I sleep on a park bench till dawn.

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Comments (2)

I have read all of your posted poems thus far and believe that Sally Nesmith is a name to watch! You are GREAT!
This poem has a nice feeling. I would leave the target of your gratitude less explicit. One of the beautiful things about poetry is that in its ambiguities it IMPLIES more than it actually says. Thus poetry is a higher form of expression, saying more than mere words. If you have to literally say what you are talking about the poem is lacking. However the good news is. You didn't need to. This poem got the message across prior to 'Thank you God...' I would dropp that line.