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A Ferret Named 'Purgation'
(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

A Ferret Named 'Purgation'

There once was a man who
owned a small ferret named “Purgation.”
The interesting thing was that
the ferret was a talking ferret.
But, at least six times a day,
it would start a sentence with:

“Have you ever done that where….”

This got to be rather tiresome, and more than
a little annoying after awhile,
so the man had to shoot the ferret through the eye.
The ferret survived, but it never spoke again.
From then on, it would just sit in the corner
plotting its revenge.
Unfortunately, a short while later,
the ferret died of a massive coronary,
before it could put its plan into action.

Sad, really.

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