smile smile smile
have a cute smile
give once and take tons
smile is a huge treasure
can make wonders without pressure
leaving a smile in you
makes your life lighter with blossoms
friendship begins with a smile
and makes us to care for
it develops the humanity
and makes unity
smile relieves us from sorrowness
which results in truthfulness
it is a sweet fruit
and make it even sweeter
smile is a best oar
a sort of complete cure
so live happily with a smile
be ever smiling

by rathina valli

Comments (3)

The theme and spirit of the poem is interesting to recite and learn the life in every detail and its negative factors which I experience from this great poem of the poet.
An sad emotional poem of death of a near and dear told in brief poetry by the great poet makes the mind so soad indeed.
Great poem indeed inTENse. God bless all poets-MJG.