Gergerur's Mother

Gergeru's mother Sarabani is no more
You can not find her here or there.
If you ask Ukia, mother of Hundukudu
She can exlain in details
You can not find Ukia any more
Here or there also
Both Sarabani and Ukia are now
Out of dream out of morning.

You can not find anything
In the search of mother's mother's mother
What you would find we are nobody to beg for it
If the crow would come and told us
The history and geograhy then we are in doldrums
I am not asking You about the village that are
Near Chanria Hills
Hear me, here in my words yu can find the seeds
That would grow in to a big tree with flowers
With fruits and that give you atleast shadows.

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A great write Appreciated this wonderful poem..10
Namasthe sister. Yes...after a long time I returned to PH. So happy you're here and glad reading your poems again. So beautiful like your pure and chaste heart.
put it in a nut shell........expressive and so lyrical......... hi i am new one so plz read mine and comment
Great read, keep up the good work! Layers of meanings, so little yet so much...
A delight to read, flavoured with mystery and thoughts flowing.Thanks for sharing, Indira.
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