A Few Autumn Notes Late October 2014

The whole year falls toward
Autumn... Summer has barely
begun when green leaves transfixed
in a sunshaft remind us of Autumn's
yellow, and Summer's harvests point
ahead to nature's final full
reckoning; early Winter swamps
what we treasure most in our
Indian Summers: the steel blue
sky, scoured of clouds, absolutely
empty and the perfect clarity
of the cool air; soon enough, Spring
restores the master color, green,
hiding yellow and red,
which are the silent fires
that will burn up the rest
of the year, as it falls into
Autumn's furnace....
(scored for speaking voice and solo viola)

by Daniel Brick

Comments (4)

Oh, yes. You've got this just right. We rejoice in spring and summer - at least, I do. Autumn is a season of ambivalence. Those brilliant colors - well, you catch the feeling just right. They're beautiful, but one is always aware that this is the end of the year. I would hibernate for winter if I could - or spend every day of it in Florida; but my wife loves the cold and snow, so we compromise - early winter up till the middle of January in the winter climate, then to Florida for a respite, returning in time for spring gardening. With the climate change these days, December is usually still temperate - if I'm lucky. I remember my childhood when snows began in November; I even remember a couple of Thanksgiving blizzards. We usually spend some autumn days at Fall Creek Falls to seek all the colors; regrettably, my health will not permit that tihis year. Thank you again for this delightful tribute to the season(s) . PH is refusing to accept this comment. I hope it gets through this time.
Autumn sounds wonderful - our Summer rolls on and on, we get a dash of winter and then it's Spring again.
Hiding yellow and red, which are the silent fires...I love these lines! Your chromatic palette circling through seasons, and back to Autumn is absolutely beautiful!
the steel blue sky, scoured of clouds, absolutely empty and the perfect clarity of the cool air; .......This is exactly how the sky looks in summer! Autumn's 'silent fires burning up the rest of the year' is a very catchy image! Another beautiful write on autumn!