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A Few Moments In Eden

Fire and smoke cleanses the soul
My spirit, Pour may spirit in a dirt glass, let me drink my way to truth
En vino veritas, I have heard it said
I want the chance to prove it either way

Just one night in a bar called Eden
Come Adam and Eve, put your money away!
This round is on me,
what's your poison

Bar-maid, snake like skin,
the history of the world on her scales
she brings us free drinks, and whispers
whispers things i cannot repeat

A voice from upstairs, booming
We must leave, and leave at great speed
I have left my matches behind, I ask the angel with a flaming sword for a light
Kiss my cigarette and am gone down the road

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A sort of vacant brooding intensity here that is quite compelling. You've got it, Rosa.
Dear Rosa, You go girl! This is dynamite! x Gregory x
wonderful extended image giving the history of everything in a few well wrought compact lines a bit of humor also bubbling up a fine poem