A Few Moments Together

Let us spend a few moments together,
the holidays won’t last for ever,
the promises we made to finish up the house chores,
will be our New Year's resolution for the next year.

Let us spend a few moments together,
let us feel each others pains together,
let us look in each others eyes,
let us rediscover the lost love in our hearts.

Let us spend a few moments together,
our long relationship has made our dreams stale,
let us share the soft touch of red roses of our love,
let us walk hand in hand together adoring the surf on the beach.

Let us spend a few moments together,
let us not worry about driving to popular places and beating the crowds,
let us sit close together and look at the stars in night skies,
let us really relive this life together.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (4)

This kind sharing moments together helps to build an everlasting lovely relationship, no doubt.
Love is eternal It never dies! It is 'cos of the mists The moon seems hazy Tonight is the same Yesterday & 'morrow Nothing will ever change The love I have for you! Truly spoken, my Muse 'It is only a for few moments Together', each of us here Beg, plead, pray, love And live on hope another day!
Class act! Narain ji has touched the chord! hats off to you. Great topic, and great rendition!
BEAUTIFUL! thats all there is to say :)